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Xenith v33
Made by Ricochet_Master

For controlling as a unit in Modes II/III, go into the range of the arc and shoot, the processsor wil remember you(until you die or respawn).


Regroup (copper)
Zeniths will go the processor and wait there.

Unit Attack (lead)
Zeniths will approach/move to the cursor of the player and will shoot when the player does.

Unit Defend (metaglass)
Zeniths will follow the player and attack any nearby units, on shooting at a point the Zeniths will approach/move and shoot at that point.

Arc Attack (graphite)
Control the arc and Zeniths will apporach/move to the player's cursor and willl shoot when the player shoots.

Defend Point(sand)
Control the arc and shoot at a point, Zeniths will move to that point and fly around it in a pattern, If any enemy unit comes close, the Zeniths will follow/approach and shoot at the enemy unit. They will try to follow and shoot it till it is beyond 50 tiles from that point.

Auto Attack(coal)
Zeniths will attack enemy base.
Priority Order: Core > Turret > Enemy Unit > Reactor > Generator

Zenith Spread Bombing(titanium)
Zeniths will form a pattern to maximize bombing area, control the arc and the Zeniths will move in pattern, on clicking at a position, the zeniths will converge at that point.

Auto Heal:
Use switch below sorter to select if Zeniths should go to get healed or not.
Use switches besides right display to control healing limits.
LOW -> At what % of health, Zenith should go to get healed.
HIGH -> At what % of health, Zenith should come back from healing point/turret.
If a Zenith has low hp, it will not move to a healing point if it has no power, but will always be on lookout for one with power.

Use switch below unloader to-
On -> Approach to Cursor/Target
Off -> Move to Cursor/Target

Item Carry:
Use Sorter to pick what item Zeniths should pick up from core(for specific modes only).
Select nothing if you want Zenith to pick up nothing from the core.

Mode selection:
Use Unloader to select the modes.


Left Display -> Shows hp of all units as a bar.
Shows if Auto Heal is On/Off.
Shows the number of damaged Zeniths(Zeniths with hp % below limit as selected by player)

Central Display-> Shows mode selected.
Shows number of Zeniths controlled.
Shows radar.

Right Display ->Shows hp limits for healing as selected by player.

Titanium delivery for mixers:

Binds two Flares to deliver titanium from core to mixers.
If the amount of titanium in core is below 300, two Megas will be binded to mine and deposit titanium into the mixers.
After the amount of titanium is greater than 1000 in the core, the processors will stop controlling the megas.

Flag System:
Respects and uses flags and does no steal units.

Hints on how to use mentioned in message blocks.

Flag calculation extracted from Perfect AI v3.
Mode I and V inspired by Quassar Logic v20.

Found a bug?
DM me in discord at ricochet_master.

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