[Schematic] Thorium Reactor Emergency System

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♦ This system stops thorium reactors when they are in danger of exploding due to lack of cryogenic liquid.

♦ It only works with 6 reactors, if you want to use more than 6 reactors you must copy and paste this scheme and select the other reactors.

♦ Only works for 6 thorium reactors, if you select 7 reactors, the #7 one will not shutdown before exploding (if it were to explode of course).

♦ To start press the logic processor and then select the 6 reactors to protect them from the danger of explosion.

♦ The switch (button) is used to turn on or off the emergency system, attention, if you turn it off the reactors will not stop before exploding.

♦ If a reactor is in danger of exploding and is stopped by the emergency system, it will not work until there is cryogenic liquid on it. even if you turn off the emergency system after the reactor stopped.

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